Before a break-out, a race or a blow.

The body in a state of absolute readiness.

High pulse, sweat and adrenaline hits the roof.

The body is ready.

Absolute intense readiness.


Concept and choreography: Marie Topp

Music: Julia Giertz

Photo: Danjel Andersson

Consultant: Inge Agnete Tarpgaard

Supported by: Workspace Brussels,  Spot On/Dansehallerne, Koda Dramatik, Statens Kunstfond, Statens Scenekunst Udvalg Int. Teaterudveksling

Forerunning is in residence at Workspace Bruxelles in November 2014, Earlier versions of the performance has been shown at: Dansehallerne, Københavns Musikteater, PB43, Volksroom Brussels

Duration: 28 min FULL VERSION: http:// TRAILER: http://iframesrc=//


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