work-in-progress SOFT SPACE VISION


SOFT SPACE VISION is a series of three works. In this new trilogy I work with the body as an object for the gaze. It sets the premises that if the sight is blurred, other senses are activated in a higher degree in the bodies of the audience, and hereby also the production of other kinds of knowledge. I am interested in the potential I experience in the blurred vision, a gaze that is not able to focus sharply on the body – hence not able to objectify it. In other words in this series of works I will use blurriness as a feminist emancipatory strategy. What can the gaze tell us about the structures and relations we are navigating within? I am interested in the way knowledge is produced through the senses and how one can obtain a critical position towards the knowledge reached by the senses. To be able to do this I will, in this process, claim the position of a haptic critic to search for a field of perception that lay outside the rational knowledge and instead in the bodily sensations generated by the work.



Sound: Julia Giertz

Light: Mårten K Axelsson

Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic

Dancers: Kenneth Bruun & Olivia Riviere

Residency: Vestjyllands Højskole, Bora Bora Dans & Visuelt Teater, MDT Sthlm, Atalante Göteborg.




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