A Zone of Hesitations

Zone of Hesitations is a research and performance project initiated by the collective
RISK with support from Dansehallerne, the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at Copenhagen University.

As part of the project RISK will establish a collective research unit, where different aspects of the individual member’s artistic processes will be addressed commonly. The collective can thereby be seen as a space of solidarity, as an available resource that can be activated in any given process. On Wednesday the 29th of November we present the different outcomes and methods of the project, as well as what new folds and perspectives that might have come to us in the light of this collective manifestation.

This day will address themes like artistic process and choreography as well as the topic of practice led research and research led practice. Further details of the event will be announced later.

About Zone of Hesitations
Zone of Hesitations was first launched during the performance festival Works at Work: Group Works in Oct. 2016. RISK presented their manifesto Collective Pace (http://risk.nu/works/collective-pace/) which contained different reflections on the eroding consequences it has when you willingly subjugate yourself to near impossible productions circumstances, artist ego’s and the restless hunt for opportunity. The presentation of the manifesto marked the beginning of a year in contemplation. A
re-orientation of the collective’s work away from the production based processes towards the more immaterial conversations driven solely by solidarity and artistic intent.

Zone of Hesitations marks the end of that year! As a collective we turn towards the supporting institutions and their infrastructures once again. With us we carry a zone of hesitant and continuous poetry, which rejects the demand for finalized products, stagnant categorization and clear cut conclusions.

About RISK (DK)
RISK is an artist collective consisting of the choreographers Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Marie Topp, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and Gry Raaby. Through a range of different events and formats they investigate space and availability. Since 2009 they’ve hosted platforms, sharing-events, writing projects, open lectures, collective moderations, mapping projects, group performances, workshops and book publications. Their initiatives has given the collective a central position in the context of Danish choreography as hosts and facilitators of projects that reach beyond individual practises and creates space for a broader choreographic discourse.

Photo: Gry Raaby

Venue: University of Copenhagen, Amager

Adress / The Department of Arts and Cultural Studies
Karen Blixens vej 1
DK-2300 Copenhagen S.


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