Oceanic is a new collaboration between choreographer Marie Topp and choreographer and sounds artist Julia Giertz.

Oceanic is researching the female voice. Our interest in this started when we realized that we ourselves carry a great prejudice against the female voice – a voice that easily is regarded too piercing or too shrill.

Oceanic is the second work in a series of works that are critically reflecting on how our different senses are affected by cultural and political structures.

Our collaboration started in 2014, and we been working together closely ever since. We share an interest in the sensing body, moving through the less known landscapes of perception. In Scandinavia today, feminism and gender equality are considered cultural defaults, therefore we see urgency in addressing the remaining blind spots, touching parts of our common body where we still cultivate inherited prejudice.

Co-production: Atalante Göteborg, MDT Stockholm, Dansstationen Malmö.

Residencies: Atalante, Göteborg, Inter Arts Center, Malmö

Research supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation


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